YoAmazing Yogurt Shoppe is the brainchild of Courtney Crozier and Kevin Coppinger whose passion for a healthy lifestyle and living a balanced life turned into this healthy and delicious concept. Many ice cream and/or yogurt shops throughout the country allow very limited topping choices and options for each customer. At YoAmazing, we pride ourselves in our selection of choices for all as there is truly something for everyone. Most of our yogurt is nonfat, no sugar added, and only 75 calories per serving (4oz.) Everything in our shoppe is self-serve, allowing customers to purchase as much or as little as they would like. YoAmazing has fresh cut fruit, cereals, candy, Ghirardelli sauces, and sugar free candy and syrups to add on top of the delicious yogurt. All of this together makes it easy to take care of that sweet tooth in a happy and healthy way! YoAmazing seeks to provide the perfect yogurt experience, whether that’s a stop for a snack, a meal replacement, or a place to celebrate after a little league victory! The atmosphere is bright, colorful, and fun and in turn we hope it creates a positive experience for all.

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